How smart locks enhance a home security system: Secrets Revealed

If you are concerned about your home’s security you may want to re-evaluate it from the perspective of someone trying to gain entrance into your home. In fact, this is precisely what experts do when they are assessing your security. Security experts will examine your outer doors and walk around the entire exterior of your home looking for possible weak spots and areas where they can gain entrance. For example, unsecured basement windows are often very easily forced open to allow a burglar entrance. However, one of the main ways burglars enter homes is via the door! They will specifically look for exterior doors that are poorly secured and they will break into those houses first. The more locks you have on your door, the less likelihood that you will be broken into. One of the least secure locks you can install on outer doors is the rim lock. It is extremely easy to force open a rim lock with something as small as a credit card in some instances. A rim lock should only be considered as an auxiliary lock used in conjunction with other more secure locks. You can purchase a deadbolt style rim lock which does offer more security than a regular rim lock but even so it is still not sufficient to use as your only line of defence at the door level.¬†click over here¬†how smart locks enhance a home security system

By far the most secure lock is the deadbolt and it is highly recommended that you install this type of lock above all others. A single cylinder deadbolt lock is usually sufficient and while you can purchase double cylinder deadbolt locks some cities or areas do not permit you to use them on your door. If you plan on installing one of these, check your local building and safety codes first to make sure it is permissible. Push button locks, either electronic or mechanical, also provide great security for a home and because you do not need a key to gain entrance they offer that additional level of security. There are no lost, missing or stolen keys that could be used to illegally gain entrance to your home. In any situation, it is best that you have a combination of two or three locks on your external doors. This alone is often enough to deter a potential burglar, as if they see that your door is well secured they will simply look for another house with fewer locks on their door.